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MS (Completed)

Aaron Reimchen

University of Calgary


Research Topics:

  • High-resolution stratigraphic and architectural characterization of sinuous conglomerate-prone slope channel complexes, Puma Clinoform

Previous Degrees

  • M.Sc. University of Calgary, 2016

  • B.Sc., University of Calgary, 2012

Little known fact: On a good day, he can beat a Dutchman at speed skating.

Current Employment: Goldman Sachs, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Goldman Sachs

CSS Publications

Reimchen, A.P., Hubbard, S.M., Stright, L. and Romans, B.W., 2016. Using sea-floor morphometrics to constrain stratigraphic models of sinuous submarine channel systems. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 77, pp.92-115.

Reimchen, A., 2016. Characterization of channels on ancient and modern slopes: Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, Chile and Lucia Chica Channel System, offshore California [MS Thesis, University of Calgary]

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