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MS Candidate (Completed)

Luis Carlos Escobar Arenas

Colorado State University


Research topics:

  • Surface-based modeling of 3D geobodies using wellbore constraints

  • Interested in Intermontane basins of the Andes 

Previous degrees:

  • BS in Geology (Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia)

Non-CSS Publications:

  • Escobar-Arenas, L.C., Marín-Cerón, M.I., Jaramillo, J.M., Restrepo-Moreno, S.A., Márquez-Romero, R.E., Gamba, N.A., Barbosa-Espitia, A.A., Min, K., 2020. Low-temperature thermochronology and diagenesis of the Amagá Basin: insights into hydrocarbon generation and its relationship with tectonothermal and hydrothermal processes. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, doi: 10.1016/j.jsames.2020.102929

  • Manco-Garcés, A.; Marín-Cerón, M.I.; Sánchez-Plazas, C.J.; Escobar-Arenas, L.C.; Beltrán-Triviño, A.; von Quadt, A., 2020. Provenance of the Ciénaga de Oro Formation: unveiling the tectonic evolution of the Colombian Caribbean margin during the Oligocene - Early Miocene. Boletín de Geología, 42(3), doi: 10.18273/revbol.v42n3-2020009

  • Valencia-Giraldo, Y.P., Escobar-Arenas,  L.C., Mendoza-Ramírez, J., Delgado-Sierra, D., Cárdenas-Rozo, A.L., 2016. Review of fossiliferous localities at Antioquia department; Colombia. Boletín Ciencias de la Tierra 40, 46–54, doi:  10.15446/rbct.n40.53748

CSS Publications

Escobar Arenas, L. C., 2023, Modeling of channel stacking patterns controlled by near wellbore modeling. [MS Thesis, Colorado State University]

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