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Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Sophie Hage

University of Calgary


Topic: Are turbidity currents a globally efficient carbon pump over geologic timescales?

Research Topics

  • My current research goal is to assess whether turbidity currents have been an efficient carbon pump of global importance across geologic timescales. To address this research question, I am using samples collected in Cretaceous deltaic and submarine channel deposits of the Magallanes Basin (Chile)

  • PhD thesis: “turbidity current processes and products in the fjords of British Columbia (Canada)”. My PhD project used innovative direct monitoring of presently active turbidity current systems (Howe Sound and Bute Inlet in British Columbia) in order to link active flows with deposits.

  • Msc thesis: “Characterisation of depositional processes at the origin of thin lacustrine turbidites in Lake Hazar (East-Anatolian Fault, Turkey)”

  • Bachelor thesis: “The role of permafrost in global warming”

CSS Publications

Englert, R.G., Hubbard, S.M., Cartigny, M.J.B., Clare, M.A., Coutts, D., Hage, S., Hughes Clarke, J., Jobe, Z.R., Lintern, G., Stacey, C., Vendettuoli, D., 2020, Quantifying the 3D stratigraphic expression of upslope-migrating bedforms by integrating seafloor and outcrop observations: Sedimentology.

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