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Postdoctoral Researcher (Completed)

Dr. Paul Nesbit

University of Calgary


Research Overview: My current research interests are at the intersection of geologic mapping and modern digital geospatial technologies. My goal is to assess and document complete workflows, from data collection and processing through analysis and communication of results, to better understand fundamental geologic and geomorphologic phenomena.

Current Projects:

  • Direct georeferencing of drone-based 3D models in geology: accuracy and precision in high-relief and inaccessible terrain without ground control points

  • Establishing a deep learning framework for automated recognition of lithologic units from ground-based and drone-based sensors and data products (e.g., point clouds, orthomosaic images)

  • Development and pedagogical efficacy of virtual field experiences as standalone and supplemental experiential learning activities in geoscience education

CSS Publications

Nesbit P.R., Hubbard S.M., Hugenholtz C.H., 2022, Direct Georeferencing UAV-SfM in High-Relief Topography: Accuracy Assessment and Alternative Ground Control Strategies along Steep Inaccessible Rock Slopes, Remote Sensing, 14(3):490.

Nesbit, P.R. and Hugenholtz, C.H., 2019. Enhancing UAV–SFM 3D model accuracy in high-relief landscapes by incorporating oblique images. Remote Sensing, 11(3), p.239.

Nesbit, P.R., Boulding, A.D., Hugenholtz, C.H., Durkin, P.R. and Hubbard, S.M., 2020. Visualization and sharing of 3D digital outcrop models to promote open science. GSA Today, 30(6).

Nesbit, P.R., Hubbard, S.M., Daniels, B.G., Bell, D., Englert, R.G. and Hugenholtz, C.H., 2021. Digital re‐evaluation of down‐dip channel‐fill architecture in deep‐water slope deposits: Multi‐scale perspectives from UAV‐SfM. The Depositional Record.

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